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XPCB's products are widely used in automotive, consumer electronics, industrial control, medical equipment, IoT devices, Telecommunication equipment, Robotic automation and other high-tech fields.We commit to customer’s success by delivering flawless product.

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Customer Testimonials

  • rigid flex pcb customer feedback3
    "Always a pleasure to work with a professional and experienced manufacturer like XPCB. They delivers quickly and reliable. My project is 6 layer Rigid-flex PCB used in Bluetooth earphone."
    Fabian Köster-CTO
    Germany Sports Electronics Manufacturer
  • rigid flex pcb customer feedback5
    "I am a repeat customer, XPCB is always good at complex rigid flex PCB. Solid suggestions that can help us greatly improve yield from manufacturer’s perspective. We have multi approved suppliers from China, but they are the only company that can deal with our complicated rigid flex PCB no mistake or delay." Highly recommend.
    Alex Goldman-Strategic Sourcing
    US PCB Design Company
  • Rigid flex PCB customer testimonial
    “Really pleased with the service this time just as I have been every time before.The quality of these 4-layer boards is first-class and XPCB will remain my go-to place for PCBs. This time XPCB helped me make a very tiny PCB,, 0.15mm machanical hole, 0.05mm hole ring, Via-in-pad.0.25mm BGA, two sides laser half cutting to replace stamp holes.” "
    Stephane-R&D engineer
    A Leading IoT Company
  • rigid flex pcb customer feedback
    "XPCB Ltd has been making multiple QTA PCBs for me for different complex pilot projects since 2016.  With multiple boards covering rigid flex PCB, flex PCB, RF PCB. XPCB is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and is always flexible as my orders always combine multiple projects. This time is a 4 layer Rigid Flex PCB for my IoT hardware."
    Stuart Johnson-Leading HW Engineer
    UK IoT Solution Company
  • rigid flex pcb customer feedback2
    "Very professional approach, this is my third repeat order with XPCB. . Thanks for the great job performed as always. ( 8 Layer HDI Rigid Flex PCB for our smart handheld.")
    Ben Johnson-Project Manager
    US Security System Company

XPCB Ltd is a high-quality Rigid Flex PCB&PCBA OEM manufacturer with extensive experience in flex circuit board, rigid-flex PCB, ELIC HDI PCB, RF PCB and multilayer rigid PCB. We offer complete component sourcing, PCB fabrication and component assembly service under one roof.

With over a decade experience of manufacturing PCB in China, we have evolved into a leading PCB supplier with strong expertise in complex rigid flex circuit, flexible PCB and HDI PCB. Starting from 2000 as a HASL provider, We now become a leading one-stop PCB fabrication company in China, business expanded to full line of PCB fabrication service and gained loyal customers home and abroad with our high product quality and reliable service.

Over the past 15 years, we consistently upgrade our facility and innovate production methods so to provide quicker lead time, and more cost-effective PCB solution to customers.

Intricate stack up and high layer count are our strong position. At XPCB, you can build.

  • 2-56 layer rigid PCB,
  • 1-12 layers flexible PCB and
  • 1-26 layers rigid flex PCB board.

Blind & buried holes, 3 mil min hole size, 2mil/2mil min line width/spacing. Finish treatment include OSP, ENIG, HASL(LF), Imm Tin, Imm Ag, Gold Finger, hard gold plating.

As a reliable Rigid Flex PCB manufacturer, we are committed to build PCB according to customer requirements and strictly follow the specified IPC standard.

View our Flex PCB manufacturing capability and PCB assembly capability, you can quickly get to know our available PCB service, our seasoned engineers are readily available for consulting on your customized PCB needs.

Search for professional PCB fabrication service in China? Contact us now to start relationship with one of the leading Flex PCB suppliers and Manufacturers in China.