Introduction For The PCB Assembly Process Circuit Board Blister Cause

In the process of PCBA circuit board assembly, causing a large reason for the foaming of the circuit board surface is the problem of poor binding […]

Titotial For How To Choose Substrate for PCB design

(1) Different working frequencies of signals have different requirements for plates. (2) PCB working below 1GHz can choose FR4, low cost, multi-layer pressing plate technology is […]

Introduction For The Function of Signal Isolation Technology in PCB Copy Board

In PCB copy boards, signal isolation technology is usually used in order to ensure that the components of the circuit board do not interfere with each […]

Introduction For The Five Things You Must Know About The PCB Industry

PCB (Printed circuit board), is the support body of electronic components, and the carrier of electrical connection of electronic components. In the electronic industry, almost every […]