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Flexible PCB Supplier

Looking for a high-quality flexible pcb supplier in China? We offer one-stop flexible PCB fabrication and assembly services to companies around the world.

Flexible PCB Supplier

multilayer flex PCB technology
Polyimide PCB supplier
China quick-turn rigid flex PCB manufacturer
Low-cost flex PCB manufacturing

XPCB Limited – Your Premier Flex PCB Manufacturing Partner

XPCB Limited is one of the leading flexible PCB suppliers in China.  We fabricate and assemble the most complex flexible circuit boards for harsh applications, including Oil&Gas, Medical, Security, and Aircraft & Satellite. Thanks to our brilliant engineering team, we can offer you seamless technical service at all stages.

From the initial design phase through to production and beyond, we offer a comprehensive technical service that ensures seamless integration and optimal performance of our PCBs. Our expertise covers all aspects of PCB design and manufacturing, including design rules for vias and traces, layer stack optimization, Design for Manufacturability (DFM) checks, and Design for Assembly (DFA) checks.

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Flex PCB Solutions

Get in touch with us today for a Flexible PCB quote and discover the XPCB Limited advantage in the world of flexible circuit technology. Your journey towards exceptional Flex PCB solutions starts here, with a partner dedicated to turning your ideas into reality with expertise, efficiency, and unwavering quality.

Quick turn flex PCB SOLUTIONS
advanced dfm and instant quote

Quick Turn Flex PCB Solutions

Our quick turn Flex PCB solutions are not only designed for rapid prototyping and small production runs but also extend to the complexities of multilayer designs. We recognize the urgency of time-sensitive projects, and our dedicated team ensures that you benefit from swift turnarounds without compromising the integrity of multilayer flex PCBs. From concept to production, our streamlined processes facilitate efficient and high-quality outcomes, empowering you to stay ahead in your competitive landscape.

Instant Quote & Advanced DFM

Navigating the complexities of multilayer flex PCBs requires transparency and precision from the outset. Our user-friendly instant quote system provides you with accurate estimates quickly, while our advanced Design for Manufacturability (DFM) ensures that your multilayer flex PCB project is set up for success. We believe in empowering our clients with the tools and insights needed to make informed decisions, and our commitment to transparency is reflected in every aspect of our service.

Thin Flex PCB Expertise

Our expertise in crafting thin Flex PCBs seamlessly integrates with our proficiency in multilayer designs. We understand that certain applications demand not only flexibility but also a compact form factor. Leveraging our engineering prowess, we ensure that your thin, multilayer Flex PCBs not only meet your dimensional requirements but also maintain durability and high performance. Whether you’re working on a space-constrained project or seeking to reduce weight, our thin, multilayer Flex PCB solutions are engineered to meet your specific needs.

flex pcb for EV BMS
wearable flex pcb techonology
HDI FLEX PCB technology

Flex PCB for EV BMS

In the realm of electric vehicles (EVs), where intricate designs and advanced functionalities are paramount, our expertise in multilayer flex PCBs shines. Our multilayer flex PCBs for Battery Management Systems (BMS) play a pivotal role in ensuring the efficiency, reliability, and performance of EVs. By understanding the unique challenges posed by the EV industry, our multilayer flex PCBs are meticulously engineered to exceed expectations. Collaborate with XPCB Limited to drive innovation in the electric mobility landscape with multilayer Flex PCBs that set new standards.

Wearable Flex PCB Innovation

In the ever-evolving field of wearable technology, our commitment to innovation extends to our proficiency in multilayer flex PCBs. Integrating cutting-edge technology with flexibility, our multilayer Flex PCBs seamlessly accommodate the intricate requirements of wearable devices. Our team’s passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible is evident in our multilayer Flex PCBs, providing you with solutions that not only meet current standards but anticipate and adapt to future advancements in the wearable tech landscape.

HDI Flex PCB Technology

HDI Flex PCBs are engineered to meet the demands of modern electronics, where space constraints and high-performance requirements are paramount. The technology involves the use of advanced manufacturing techniques to achieve a higher circuit density within a smaller footprint. This is particularly crucial in applications such as smartphones, wearable devices, medical equipment, and automotive electronics, where miniaturization is key. The use of microvias, which are laser-drilled, ultra-small holes, allows for the connection of densely packed components on different layers of the PCB.  

multilayer flex PCB technology
prototype and small run specialist
flex pcb for OLED displays

Multilayer Flex PCB

As a dedicated multilayer Flex PCB specialist, XPCB Limited sets the standard for precision, reliability, and innovation. Our specialization in multilayer designs allows us to address the unique challenges posed by complex projects. Whether your application demands increased signal integrity, reduced space requirements, or enhanced performance, our multilayer Flex PCBs are tailored to meet these requirements with exacting precision. With XPCB Limited,  you’re collaborating with a specialist who understands and anticipates the intricate demands of multilayer designs.

Prototype and Small Runs Specialist

As specialists in providing flexible PCB prototypes and catering to small production runs, our expertise extends seamlessly to the realm of multilayer designs. We recognize the importance of rapid prototyping and iterative testing, and our dedicated team is well-versed in the intricacies of developing multilayer flex PCB prototypes. Whether you’re testing a new product concept or preparing for a limited production run, our proficiency ensures that you receive multilayer flexible PCB solutions that align with your vision and performance expectations.

Flex PCB for OLED Displays

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) displays are at the forefront of visual innovation, providing vibrant colors, high contrast ratios, and flexibility in design. Our specialized Flex PCB manufacturing service ensures that these advanced display technologies can reach their full potential. We excel in crafting flexible circuit boards that seamlessly integrate with the unique characteristics of OLED displays, providing the necessary flexibility to match the curvature of the display panel.

Flexible Circuit's - Technical Capability
Item Specification
Max Size
20"x40" inch
Polyimide; LCP;
Final Thickness
0.12-0.4 mm
Min Trace/Space
Via Types
Through vias; Tented vias; Blind vias; Buried vias; Stacked vias; Via in pad
Copper Weight(finished)
Min Laser Via
Min Mechanical Hole
Impedance Control
±5% or 10%
Stifferner Material
FR-4, Polyimide, SUS
Surface Finishes
LF HASL, OSP, ENIG, Immersion tin, Gold fingers
Available Service
Bare Board Production; Consigned Assembly; Turnkey Assembly

Examples- Multilayer Flexible Circuits

flexible pcb fabrication
flexible circuit supplier
flexible printed circuit board supplier
flexible circuit board supplier

At XPCB, you can order high-quality 1- 12 layers flexible circuits.  Both prototype and mass production is supported. You don’t have to split prototypes and volume orders to different vendors.   

 XPCB Limited is one of the leading flexible PCB suppliers in China.  We fabricate and assemble the most complex flexible circuit boards for harsh applications, including Oil&Gas, Medical, Security, Aircraft & Satellite. Thanks to our brilliant engineering team, we are able to offer you seamless technical service at all stages..

. Provide impedance control and base material availability info at the early design stage.

. Run DFM review and Propose stackup at quoting stage 

. Perform CAM analysis and update EQ form after order confirmation.

Microsection for flexible circuit boards

flexible PCB microsection-1

8 Layer HDI Flex PCB microsection    [0.1mm Blind Vias]  

flexible circuits microsection-2

12-Layer HDI Flex PCB microsection—-blind vias 0.1mm

At XPCB, You can order your flexible circuit board with blind vias, buried vias, and stacked vias.

The minimum via size is 0.1mm.

Materials for flexible circuit boards

Stock Material for
flexible PCB
Dielectric Thickness Copper Thickness
µm (oz/ft2)

PDF download button Panasonic R-F775

Adhesiveless Flexible Laminates

1/3oz, 1/2oz, 1oz, 2oz
1/3oz, 1/2oz, 1oz, 2oz

PDF download button Dupont AP 8545R/8535R/8525R

all polyimide laminate

4.0 / 3.0/ 2.0
18 (0.5)

PDF download button Dupont AP 9131R/9141R

all polyimide laminate

3.0/ 4.0
35 (1.0)
PDF download button Panasonic LCP R-F705S Dk 2.9 Df 0.002 @14GHz
1/2oz, 1/3oz, 1/4oz
0.5/0.8/1/2 mil
0.1/0.2/0.3/0.5/0.7/1.4/2.8 oz
1/2 mil
1/3 oz,1/2 oz

At XPCB, You can select the most suitable base material for your flexible circuit application, both adhesive and adhesiveless flex cores are available.

You can also contact us to compare the price and availability before making decisions.

Stiffeners for flexible circuit boards : FR-4/ SUS/ PI

FR-4 Stiffener

SUS Stiffener

PI Stiffener

You can order your flexible circuit boards with a stiffener. The available thicknesses are: 0,075mm – 3,20mm.

Popular are the thicknesses0,30mmand0,20mm, e.g. forZIF connectors.

Polyimid-Stiffener: 0,025mm – 0,225mm

FR4-Stiffener: 0,075mm – 3,20mm

FAQ for flexible circuit boards

Flexible PCB FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

YES, we offer assembly service for all flex PCB orders. Parts can be supplied by customer or we help source. 

The shortest flex PCB length is 3mm; The longest flex PCB we can make is 2.0 meters.

The max flex PCB copper thickness we can make is 6OZ.

The smallest flexible PCB via we can make is 0.1mm, drilled by laser.

1-2 Layer:  48 Hours

4-6 Layers: 6 Working days

> 8 Layers: 10 Working days

1. Contrary to online quote manufacturers, we allocate each customer a point of contact to answer all queries regarding the RFQ and order efficiently and correctly. This would save you much time, especially for complex flex circuits.

2. Compared to online quote manufacturers, we are able to provide flexible payment terms such as COD, Net 15 days, etc depending on the customer’s business credit and order amount.

3. Compared to average manufacturers, we own brilliant engineering minds who can quickly identify DFM faults and offer solutions before going to production.

4. Compared to average China manufacturers, we are able to hold  technical meetings in English to share our opinion and explain our technical suggestions regarding your PCB project.

Facilities for flexible circuit boards

FPC Laminate Cutting Machine

Automatic Exposure Machine

Plasma Cleaning Machine

Increase the binding force of rigid-flex PCB

AOI Machine

2mil Above Circuit Detection Scanning

Brown Oxide Line

Pretreatment of inner layer pressing

LDI Machine