Features of Adhesiveless Flexible Copper Clad Laminate

Flexible printed circuit board (FPC) is known for the advantages of softness, lightness, thinness and flexibility. As electronic products become smaller in size, lighter and thinner, FPC gradually […]

Introduction To SMT Solder Paste Printing Process

Surface mount technology (SMT) mainly includes solder paste printing, precise patch, and reflow welding. Among them, solder paste printing quality has a great influence on the […]

Basic Material for Flexible Printed Circuit Board(FPC)

Flexible printed circuits are found in everything from cars, VCR’s, camcorders, smart devices and also SLR cams to sophisticated army and avionics systems. High-profile applications of […]

Common Flexible PCB Issues and Solution

Air bubbles are generated between the lines of the FPC flexible circuit board or the side of a single line The main reason: the bubbles between […]