Introduction To 4 Layer To 10 Layer Printed Circuit Board Design

4 layer PCB design In general, for more complex high-speed circuits, it is better not to use a four-layer plate, because it has a number of unstable […]

Introduction To High Speed Backplane Solution

As data rates exceed the 1Gbps level, designers must address new issues in the design of their backplane systems. The signal integrity of these backplates is […]

Introduction To High Frequency PCB Material and How To Process It

1. Definition of PCB high-frequency board   High-frequency board refers to the special electromagnetic frequency circuit board, used in high frequency (greater than 300 MHZ frequency […]

PCB Materials for High-power RF Applications

  Many industrial PCB-based applications that make use of high power are commonly associated with mobile base station technology; nevertheless, there are other applications. There are […]