Introduction To 4 Layer To 10 Layer Printed Circuit Board Design

4 layer PCB design In general, for more complex high-speed circuits, it is better not to use a four-layer plate, because it has a number of unstable […]

Introduction To multilayer PCB Stack-up Design

The layering design of PCB is not a simple stacking of layers, in which the arrangement of layers is the key, which is closely related to […]

Introduction To Welding Problems Caused By PCB Warping And PCB Design

The weldability of PCB holes affects the welding quality Poor weldability of circuit board holes will lead to virtual welding defects, which will affect the parameters of […]

Introduction To High Speed Backplane Solution

As data rates exceed the 1Gbps level, designers must address new issues in the design of their backplane systems. The signal integrity of these backplates is […]