Introduction To PCB Microhole Technology

With the improvement of product performance, PCB has been constantly updated and developed. The lines are denser and denser, and more components need to be placed. […]

Introduction To Welding Problems Caused By PCB Warping And PCB Design

The weldability of PCB holes affects the welding quality Poor weldability of circuit board holes will lead to virtual welding defects, which will affect the parameters of […]

Introduction To Application of Ultraviolet laser in FPCB and Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB processing   The rigid PCB and flexible PCB are pressed together to form a multilayer board. In the pressing process, the flexible PCB is not glued […]

Introduction To Ultraviolet Laser Processing Application In PCB Production

Drilling applications The through-hole in the circuit board is used to connect the lines between the front and back sides of the double panel, or to […]