Techniques for RF PCB Design & Layout

Because the radio frequency (RF) PCB is a distributed parameter circuit, it is easy to produce skin effect and coupling effect in the actual work of […]
OEM flexible circuit board

FPC Surface Electroplating Process

1.FPC plating (1) FPC electroplating pre-treatment The copper conductor surface exposed by the FPC after the coating process may be contaminated with adhesive or ink, and […]

Commonly Used PCB Finish Treatment Introduction

The surface treatment technology of electronic assembly printed board (PCB) is indispensable. It is the guarantee of protecting the pads to have good electrical contact, solderability […]
HDI stackup

HDI Technology and Application Introduction

 HDI Circuit Board Overview & Advantages   HDI circuit board refers to the microvia (Microvia) with the aperture below 6mil, the hole ring diameter (HolePad) below […]