Introduction To The Relationship Between Line Width And Current

We generally have a common sense when drawing PCBS, that is to use thick lines for high current (such as 50mil or above), and thin lines […]

Introduction To PCB Board Heat Dissipation Mode

The heat generated during the operation of the electronic equipment makes the internal temperature of the equipment rise rapidly. If the heat is not released in […]

Analysis Of Main Characteristics And Cost Of Flexible Circuit Board

The flexibility and reliability of flexible circuits At present, there are four kinds of flexible circuit: single side, double side, multi-layer flexible board and rigid-flex PCB. […]

Introduction To Desmear and Pitting Technique Of Rigid-Flex PCB

Desmear and pitting is just after the Rigid-Flex printed circuit board NC drilling, chemical plating of copper or copper plating directly in front of an important […]