Introduction To PCB Board Debugging Technology

In PCB copy board and design work, we often need to debug and test the circuit board, the debugging of the six types of the module […]

How to Select Flex PCB Material ?

The flexible circuit board can be freely bent, wound, and folded. The flexible circuit board is built with polyimide film base material. The flexible circuit board has […]

What Will Be The Challenges To The Reliability Of Advanced Packaging And Circuit Boards

Complex electronic equipment and (auxiliary) systems serve us in aircraft, trains, trucks, passenger vehicles, and important applications such as building infrastructure, manufacturing equipment, and medical systems. […]

PCB Design Always Has Several Impedance Can Not Be Continuous, How To Do?

Everybody knows that impedance has to be continuous. There are always times when the impedance of a PCB design is not continuous. How to do? Characteristic impedance: […]