Techniques for RF PCB Design & Layout

Because the radio frequency (RF) PCB is a distributed parameter circuit, it is easy to produce skin effect and coupling effect in the actual work of […]

Introduction to Flexible Printed Circuit Board Assembly

PCB means printed circuit Board, or Rigid Board for short. FPCB refers to flexible circuit board, also known as flex circuit board, referred to as FPC. […]

How Many Holes Are There In A PCB, and What Are The Functions Of Each Hole?

Printed circuit board is mainly composed of bonding pad, through-hole, mounting hole, wire, components, connectors, filler, electrical boundary, etc. On printed circuit board, we will see […]
GPS Multi-layer PCB Back Drill Hole

Introduction to Back Drilling Technology

What is a back drill? With the continuous promotion of the information industry, the digital signal transmission speed is faster and higher, and the traditional design […]