Ultrafine Line Etching Process For Next Generation Packaging Technology

Low-cost, high-density interconnect (HDI) organic substrates are the most important conditions for implementing the system-level encapsulation (SOP) technique. The crux of the matter is that ultra-precision […]

Solution To The Core Problem Of PCB Design

PCB design refers to the production of circuit boards at the lowest possible cost by designing schematic drawings for circuit layout. In the past, this was […]

Introduction To BGA Device Layout And Wiring In PCB Design

SMT(Surface Mount Technology) complies with the trend of miniaturization and lightness of intelligent electronic products, and lays a foundation for the realization of light, thin, short […]

Printed Circuit Board Industry Development, Market Demand

The future development direction of four PCB markets Because printed circuit boards are so widely used, even small changes in consumer trends and emerging technologies can […]