How To Make 8 Layer PCB?

The processing flow of the high-precision eight-layer printed circuit board: Eight-layer copper-clad board blanking →drilling benchmark holes→ CNC drilling through holes→ inspection→ deburring→ brushing→ electroless plating […]

4 Common Finish Treatment Methods in PCB Prototyping Stage

The surface treatment methods used by PCB factories in  PCB prototyping are many. Each surface treatment method has its own unique characteristics. Taking chemical silver as […]

Analysis on Copper Fall off from Flex PCB

  Different reasons will cause copper come off from flexible PCB, here we analyze this phenomenon from manifacturing process and raw material aspect:     Manufacturing  […]

Why Copper Fall off in PCB?

Copper fall off is a common problem in PCB fabrication. Let’s see the below reasons to learn more about it.   1. The copper foil is […]