Flex PCB Material

Flex PCB material is important knowledge for all engineers who need to design flexible circuits. Here are the 6 most commonly used flex PCB materials:   […]

The Classification of High-frequency PCB

The Classification of High-frequency PCB   1. Powder ceramic filled thermosetting material   1.1 Manufacturer: 4350B/4003C from Rogers 25N/25FR of Arlon Taconic’s TLG series   1.2  […]

High Frequency PCB Definition & Applications

  1.Definition of High Frequency PCB   High-frequency PCB refers to a special circuit board with a high electromagnetic frequency. It is used for high-frequency (frequency greater […]

Why Impedance Design is Necessary in Rigid-flex PCB?

Analysis of the purpose of the rigid-flex board with controlled impedance 1. The rigid-flex PCBs are often assembled with electronic components. After plugging, the conductivity and […]