Introduction to Rigid-Flex PCB and Trend Forecasting

The designers of Rigid Flex PCB can use a single component to replace the composite PRINTED circuit board made of multiple connectors, multiple cables and ribbon […]
OEM flexible circuit board

FPC Surface Electroplating Process

1.FPC plating (1) FPC electroplating pre-treatment The copper conductor surface exposed by the FPC after the coating process may be contaminated with adhesive or ink, and […]
custom flexible circuit with PI

Introduction to Flexible Printed Circuit Types & Design

Do you know the structure of flexible PCB   In the structure of flexible PCB, the materials are insulation film, adhesive and conductor. Insulation film The […]

Benefits & Applications of Flexible PCB

As the name suggests, flexible printed circuit boards have physical flexibility. These PCBs are widely used in mechanically sensitive equipment because the flexibility allows the circuit […]