HDI stackup

HDI Technology and Application Introduction

 HDI Circuit Board Overview & Advantages   HDI circuit board refers to the microvia (Microvia) with the aperture below 6mil, the hole ring diameter (HolePad) below […]

High Frequency PCB Applciations and Differentiation

Introduction to high frequency plate Application Usage frequency Cellular & Pager Telecom 1 ~ 3ghz Individual receiving base stations or satellites transmit 13 ~ 24 GHz […]
RF PCB design drawing

Electromagnetic Compatibility Design of RF Circuit Printed Circuit Board

With the development of communication technology, handheld radio frequency circuit technology is more and more widely used, such as: wireless pager, mobile phone, wireless PDA, etc., […]

The Advent of 5G Era Has Triggered an FPC Transformation

The advent of 5G era also creates a huge demand market for FPC industry, which will be brought into a new round of growth. With its […]